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Imagine returning from the grocery store with a car full of frozen goods on a sunny day, and your car battery keeps dying. A dying car battery can prevent you from running your errands for the day or, even worse, leave you stuck quite far away from home. You cannot start the engine, operate the accessories, or do anything without a functioning battery.

The majority of us have experienced the unfortunate luck of a dead battery at an unexpected time. Identifying what led the battery to drain will help you avoid the problem in the future. This blog post will go through how to detect if your automotive problem is caused by a dead battery, how much a new car battery costs, and how long car batteries last.

Why Do Automobiles Require Batteries?

The initiator receives power from the batteries, which allows it to start the engine. Batteries can also leave components in the car functioning even when the engine is turned off. This is why you can put on your car’s headlight bulbs before revving it up or relax in the peace of your automobile, listening to music while waiting for a friend.

When most people start talking about a car battery that keeps dying repeatedly, they are referring to a circumstance in which the automobile will not start after being left for an extended period. If your car battery keeps dying as you are going down the block, it is possible that the charging system is malfunctioning.

The list of problems that might cause a battery system to die is so vast that it seems to go on forever. Some of them can be handled at home, while others will almost certainly necessitate a trip to your mechanic, but there is no way to really know until you get your hands dirty.

Car Battery Keeps Dying: Common Causes

Car Battery

Loose or damaged battery connectors, frequent electrical discharges, charging difficulties, constantly requiring more power, heavy use of automotive accessories, and even severe storms are some of the most common reasons a car battery keeps dying repeatedly. Some of these issues are sufficient to kill a battery alone.

Battery Connections Are Too Loose

Your automobile will not start if the battery is unplugged. The couplings on the batteries can be loose sometimes, or the contacts can erode. In such situations, the engine may seize completely or not start as the batteries do not have enough voltage.

Adjust the battery connectors to solve this problem. Your battery may be facing serious corrosion, and to combat that, you must conduct routine cleaning of the battery.

Common Mistake

One easy cause of power failures is if something is left on that is depleting the current battery power. Maybe one of the children forgot to switch off an overhead light while looking for something, or maybe you left your lights on overnight. Any of these errors will deplete your battery.

The reason your car battery keeps dying can be explained if your vehicle is not turned off properly or you leave your car out of sight, such as in a garage. Thankfully, a jumpstart is generally sufficient to get everything running again.

Age of the Battery

If the battery’s electronic circuit is secure, but it still will not hold power, it is possible that the battery is too old. Modern automotive batteries are designed to withstand dozens of recharging cycles, yet they all ultimately wear out. A car battery that is not used very often is more likely to collapse sooner.

The Charging System Is Flawed

The alternator and recharging system can be an issue if you think your battery is okay and there is no obvious explanation why your car battery keeps dying. The battery will not stay full for long if the alternator fails and needs to be replaced.

You can install the alternator by yourself with a little knowledge instead of going to a mechanic. Depending on the type and amperage, a new alternator will cost between $100 and $200.

Quick Tours

Your battery powers the ignition switch when you start the engine, allowing your car to drive and function. When the automobile is driving, the alternator keeps charging the battery, so it is ready to go the next time you start it.

On the other hand, quick rides cannot provide enough energy for the alternator to charge the battery, and that is why your car battery keeps dying.

Extreme Weather Conditions

The winter season is when a car battery keeps dying the most. The battery will not power on when you want to drive your car. Most batteries, however, are not killed by the cold. The long, hot summer season can cause your battery to degrade.

During the hot summer months, park your car at home or under a shade to minimize heat damage to your batteries. Sometimes, adverse weather conditions are rarely enough to kill a battery on its own. Intense heat or cold weather, on the other hand, can aggravate other car issues.

What to Do When Your Car Battery Keeps Dying?

What to Do

Always remember to turn off all connections and close the car doors before leaving. Ensure that the battery cables are not faulty on a frequent basis. Consult your local car mechanic if, still, your car battery keeps dying.

Adjust and Maintain Battery Contacts

It is possible that your car will stall as a result of loose or corroded terminals. If corrosion is discovered, a rigid brush and a solution of one part bicarbonate soda and three parts water can be used to scrub it. Corrosion can be removed with some elbow grease. Just make sure no baking soda/water solution gets into your battery or other sections of the engine or car.

Disconnect Unnecessary Accessories

A car battery keeps dying because of radio systems, and phone chargers are known as “parasite draws”, which keep working even when the car is switched off. Also, keep an eye out for LED lights, headlights, and interior lights.

Make a 15-minute Trip

At least once a week, go for a quick ride in your car. As long as your alternator is in good working order, it will help keep your battery charged.

Avoid Severe Discharge

Avoid severe discharging by dimming the lights and turning off the radio when the automobile is switched off. This could lead to a dead battery.

Routine Maintenance

The easiest way to avoid a dead automobile battery is to do routine maintenance. It is important to check the batteries every time you open the bonnet of your car. Look for white or green buds at the battery terminal plugs, which indicate corrosion. It would be best if you also double-checked that the electrical connectors are secure.

Examining the Battery’s Condition

When you take your car in for routine maintenance, have the mechanic check the battery charge. If your battery is not working properly, the mechanic will be able to determine the problem. While your automobile is already in the shop, you may check to see if you have a parasitic drain or a dead battery.


New Car Battery Cost

How Much Does a New Car Battery Cost?

If your car battery keeps dying even after considering all these provided solutions, it is more likely that you will have to buy a new battery as it will not be repaired. So, how much does a new car battery cost?

A replacement automobile battery can cost anywhere from $45 to $250, depending on its voltage, size, and overall performance. Your regional automaker, auto parts supplier, or automobile service station can inspect your aging battery and recommend a replacement.

How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

You must be wondering how long car batteries last after buying a new one.

In a typical everyday drive, automobile batteries can last around 4-5 years on average. However, how long car batteries last depend on your car, everyday driving circumstances, and even your local temperature. You may get a little more, maybe less, use of it.

Does Jumpstarting a Car Drain a Car’s Battery?

Jumping is a temporary solution for recharging your batteries when you are in a pinch. Jumping, on the other hand, depletes a car’s battery. The dead battery that is being charged by the donor battery starts charging from both the battery and the alternator, exerting a burden on the system that can be lethal. However, if everything is executed properly, you should have no trouble swiftly recharging your battery once the procedure is over.

Final Words

There are so many factors that affect our vehicles’ ability to function properly that a little caution and protection on our site can go a long way. But sometimes, an automobile battery can die suddenly and without warning.

We hope that with this comprehensive list, you will be better prepared to handle any battery issue that gets in your way. Consult a car battery manual if your car battery keeps dying to find a solution quickly.

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