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Without some car dashboard accessories, you cannot enjoy a long trip. Your car’s dashboard serves as the vehicle’s control panel.

Along with housing the tools and controls required for safe vehicle operation, it gives you all the information you want.

The dashboard has a variety of functions that can give you alerts and information that you should be aware of as you drive since this is one of the important parts of your vehicle.

So you should consider adding some car dashboard accessories to make every ride comfy.

We will talk about the accessories you can use for the dashboard. But before that, let’s talk about what a car dashboard is and its functions.

What Is A Car Dashboard?

car dashboard

Usually, a car dashboard is an informer that displays the different controls you need for your car’s functions. And it is located in the front of the car. A dashboard is also known as an instrumental panel.

In addition to housing different indication panels for each component of the car, it also serves as a partition between the front of the vehicle and the driver.

Depending on the manufacturer and the features employed, dashboard designs differ greatly; the greater the quality of the dashboard, the more sophisticated the application of its functions.

In the past, manufacturers used wood or metal as the dashboard material. However, modern dashboards are typically more fashionable. So now, manufacturers use plastic due to its many benefits.

Some benefits are attractiveness, strength-to-weight ratio, moldability, durability, affordability, wear resistance, and scratch resistance.

Types Of Car Dashboard Displays

The car dashboard comes in Analog and Digital types or a combination of both.

However, an analog dashboard has an indicator that provides different readings. On the other hand, the digital dashboard usually shows the numbers.

Compared to the analog dashboard, the digital dashboard is impressive and gives exact data like the engine rpm, speed, etc.

But, the analog display offers relative changes better than the digital dashboard. For instance, you will get the exact report of the rise and fall of the car in the analog version.

The manufacturers are now making the dashboard combining analog and digital dashboards.

You will find different features in a car dashboard. For example, the speedometer, odometer, fuel level indicator gauge, tachometer, coolant temperature gauge, and indicating lights.

That was about a car dashboard; now, let’s talk about the car dashboard accessories you can use.

Car Dashboard Accessories Ideas & Cleaning Tips

There are different types of cool car dashboard accessories available that you can use to make your ride comfortable.

Let’s check out some toys and other handy items you can use for your dashboard.

Car Phone Holder

Car Phone Holder

The car phone holder is a must-have item for any vehicle. Choose a stable & slip-free phone holder to protect your phone from scratching, bumping, or flying during braking or sharp turns.

Also, choose a washable & reusable phone holder. Most car phone holders are made from high-tech adhesive. You just need to rinse and dry it.

Before placing the holder, ensure you peel off the sticky film and clean the car dashboard.

Solar Energy Car Air Purifier

You can use a solar-energy car air purifier or freshener, which is powered by solar energy directly.

It gives your car an aesthetic look and makes the environment fresh. Also, solar energy air fresheners are safe for everyone, so you can use them.

Usually, this type of air freshener has two rings that let you rotate it with solar power. However, it doesn’t take much space on your dashboard; hence you can easily place it.

Moreover, installing this type of freshener is straightforward. You just need to unscrew the cover, keep the perfume pad into it and screw the cover and then fix the air freshener.

Anti-Slip Rubber Pad

An anti-slip rubber pad is very handy and lets you keep things organized. You can use a rubber pad to keep your sunglasses, keys, electronic devices, etc.

This gives your car dashboard’s interior a stylish and cool look.

Generally, these types of pads are made with premium materials like silicone or PVC, which are eco-friendly. In addition, these pads are compatible with any vehicle.

When choosing a rubber pad, ensure it is waterproof, durable, and cold-resistance. Also, choose one that is washable.

Anyhow, using these pads is also straightforward. Just put it on the flat surface of the dashboard.

Mini Panda Doll For Car Dashboard

Panda is the symbol of harmony, so you can get mini panda dolls.

Also, if you have kids, these panda dolls will make your kids happier.

Usually, dashboard toys are very small, so you don’t need to worry about the front view.

Different sizes and shapes of toys are available so that you can choose the one that matches your vehicle.

Mini dolls will make you comfortable while driving. Nevertheless, also make sure to pick washable dolls.

Dashboard Cactus Plant

Dashboard Cactus Plant

Add some greenery to your car dashboard to give you a peaceful vibe if you are a plant lover.

You can go with cactus plants made with resin material since these are non-toxic and safe for the vehicle interior. And dashboard plants usually are not big, so this won’t make a problem in the front view.

These are some accessories you can use for your vehicle dashboard.

Anyhow, as you want to decorate the dashboard, so keeping this clean is a must. So, here are some tips on how you can clean your car dashboard.

Dashboard Cleaning Tips

Step 1: Vacuum The Dashboard

Vacuuming the dashboard is a must since it helps eliminate any abrasive contaminants.

Step 2: Wipe The Dashboard

dashboard cleaning

After vacuuming, wipe the dashboard surface with the car cleaning solutions. Make sure you wipe the dashboard properly.

Step 3: Wipe The Surrounding As Well

While cleaning the dashboard, make sure to wipe the surroundings as well. For example, the center console, gear shift, infotainment system, hand brake, steering wheel, and cup holders.

Step 4: Spot Clean The Stains

If the dashboard has any stains, you can use toothpaste to clean it. Use a toothbrush and paste to clean the stains. You can also use a detailing brush to clean the dashboard.

Step 5: Apply Polish

After cleaning the dashboard, don’t forget to polish the dashboard. You can use commercial polish or household items like coconut oil, olive oil, etc.

Car Dashboard Accessories: Conclusion

A vehicle’s dashboard is essential, so you should take care of this properly.

Since you use the dashboard of your car most of the time, make sure you customize it to get a comfy feel.

Many decorating items are available; choose the one that suits your dashboard.

We hope our guide on car dashboard accessories helps you find the best accessory for you.

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