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If you want to get top dollar for junk cars, then It is best to avoid private buyers and dealerships and to choose a junk car yard as they offer you the best price and they come to pick up your car that would not start free of charge.

Is your junk car no longer running? Maybe you brought it home on a wing and a prayer from work yesterday and it chugged into your driveway never to start again. A Junk car or scrap car is just that – a piece of scrap of little value to you.

Your car no longer wants to start and you just know that it is no longer worth repairing. How to get top dollar for junk cars does not even enter your thoughts because if you do not want your car anymore, who does? Is there anyone who will offer you anything for your junk car let alone top dollar?

The reason you know that you have got a junk car on your hands –

  • It is too old and dangerous to be on the roads
  • You do not know where the paperwork is anymore. Does anyone want a car with no title? Your junk car is damaged beyond repair.
  • It is completely inoperable

Your junk car is not worth the price to fix it. It is certainly long past its golden days and now it appears to have given its last breath. You may even be at wit’s end because of not being able to start. How will you ever get it off your property? You look at it and It is a real junker now. Getting top dollar for junk cars just does not seem to apply to your car.

You Can Get Top Dollar For Junk Cars

You can get top dollar for junk cars

If you are stuck with a car that is no longer reliable, It is time to get rid of it. The good news is that no matter what state of repair it is in, you can still be looking at top dollar for junk cars such as it.

You can at least sell it for some cash and there are lots of places that buy junk cars. But that may be so, but who pays top dollar for junk cars? Yes, many places will give you some money, but enough to spur you into getting rid of your junk car. how bad of shape It is in, you can at least sell it for some cash.

Private Buyers? Only If You Want Lots Of Headaches

Who buys junk cars? Lots of places, but some pay better than others, If you were to sell it in any case you would look at dealers, scrapyard, and private buyers, Private buyers can turn out to be quite frustrating and stressful and even though they can quite likely give you top dollar for your car the frustrations are not worth it.

How many people have not advertised their junk car for sale in magazines, online, and even parked their car at some prominent place, only to have a barrage of creepy people calling them up. Some are not even interested in your car.

They want to know if you are offering anything else. When you do get a better type of private buyer, you have to then worry about doing things the proper way. They want to see your car’s papers and you do not have any. They have been lost along the way. Not only that, they keep phoning you up at work to chat to you about your car, and your boss is having none of it.

So how on earth are you supposed to sell your car then? They get highly put off when you say to them ‘sorry I can’t take your call now – will you call later?’ They never do. Then you have to also contend with private buyers coming to your home to look at your car. You have had some weirdos coming with far more interest in looking you over than looking at the car you have got for sale. No, selling a junk car to a private buyer just is not going to work for you.

What About Car Dealerships?

What about car dealerships

When you ask the question ‘ how to get top dollar for junk cars’, the natural thing is to wonder what will a car dealership accept? Yes, some of them do accept a car in any kind of condition, but they certainly do not come to your place to get a car that would not start.

Sometimes, on rare occasions, you can have your non-running car towed in as part of the trade, but this is not the norm. Also, even if they do offer that service, you would not get top dollar for the car. One perk is that you will at least be rid of the car.

Many dealerships have trade-in programs for junk cars. Trading your car to a local dealership is a quick way to get rid of it. But what happens if you want to get rid of your old car to a dealership but you are not yet ready to buy a new car – definitely not one from them anyhow. Trading in a car is essentially about offering the dealership an old car in exchange for some money for it which you put towards your new car. A trade-in can be any car that has any kind of value. The condition of your car will largely determine how much money the trade-in gets.

There are quite a few factors that ascertain how much is the value of your trade-in and these can be the age of your car, its mileage, and its condition. Your junk car does not score anywhere. It is 23 years of age, you do not have its papers anymore, its mileage no longer registers and It is certainly seen better days. It is dented, scratched, and rusted. No dealership will be interested in such a piece of scrap and they are certainly not going to offer you top dollar for junk cars.

Junk Car Yards – Worth A Look-See

Junk car yards - worth a look-see

Then there are junk car yards. How much do these junkyards pay for vehicles? Do they offer you a top dollar for your junk car? For a car that needs lots of repairs, has given its last breath, and is in a dilapidated state of disrepair, selling to a local junkyard can be just the open door you need.

If you are looking to sell your car to a junkyard, do not just call up the first one you see advertised online. Look for junkyards online and always pay attention to their website, their customer reviews, and their prices, Yes, you are always going to get one or two bad reviews from disgruntled people or someone who did have a bad experience, but if a junk car yard has far more bad reviews than good reviews then you would obviously steer clear of them.

Try and research about 4 different junk car yards and get in contact with them. Let them know you want to sell your junk car and provide them with all the relevant information.

Regardless of the junkyard, you opt to do business with, you should not pay to have your car towed. The best junkyard does this service free of charge. Once you have several offers, see which one is best and call them. Then It is a case of filling in the online form and completing the entire sale.

When you are trying to find a place to sell your junk car to, you may suddenly recall your friend telling you about how she got top dollar for junk cars and you swept the information to one side. Now you remember her words and you want to try them yourself as nothing else is working.

Junkyards are these amazing hassle-free places for you to get rid of a junk car and still get top dollar for junk cars that nobody else is interested in. There is no funny business with a junk car yard. They do not care how ancient or how dilapidated your old car is. You will quickly discover that your junk car is looked upon in a whole new light as to what private buyers and dealerships offer. When you want to trade in your junk car, the junkyard is interested in your car’s weight. They do things a little differently, but one thing is sure, they do not turn down your car.

The Weight Of Your Car Means A Lot

Its weight will determine approximately how much scrap material they get from your car. Most cars have roughly 2,400 pounds of steel to them. True, many cars will be lighter than this and some will be heavier. Even though the car may be a junk car, what condition it is in still has an impact on what amount of money you are going to get.

A Junkyard dealer is a business after all, and they want to also make a profit. These junk car yards are constantly watching the current price of scrap metal and It is a price that is changing by the hour. Even ancient vehicles such as yours that are not worth restoring can nevertheless be turned into scrap metal.

Junk car yards offer top dollar for junk cars if you choose a licensed and insured junk car yard. Then you can confidently sell your junk car to them knowing that you will get the best price. And the bonus part is that you’ll get cash on the spot with them.

So to get top dollar for junk cars, always make sure you choose a licensed junk car yard. It goes without saying that you will get good, fair service.

One way you can make double sure you are choosing the best place to do an Internet search on the best local junk car dealers in your area and to check out the customer reviews on their products and services. What customers have to say about a business can give you an idea of whether you should do business with them or not.

Simple Online Process

How to get top dollar for junk cars means simply filling in an online form and having all your vehicle information ready. The form is not complicated either. There is just one section where you must supply details of your car. Information to have includes the car title if you have one, the make and model of your car, its mileage, condition, and signs of damage. By submitting your online form, you can get a quote for your junk car even when you believe It is not worth much.

One of the biggest perks about selling your junk car to a reputable junk car yard is that they come around to tow your car away. They are not like private buyers. They set a time for you that suits you, they come and tow your junk car away. Before they do that, they hand over cash to you. This is how to get top dollar for junk cars – at a reputable junk car yard that comes to your place and tows away your junk car that would not start. You could never expect these kinds of services from a dealership or from a private buyer.

Research Local Junkyards

Research local junkyards

How to get top dollar for junk cars will require you to research local junkyards for the highest price offers. Researching different junkyards, their customer reviews and their prices is important if you want to get a good deal on your junk car.

They work with you to give you top dollar for junk cars, but perhaps best of all is that that they offer you a completely hassle-free experience, quite unlike the frustrations you get with private buyers and dealerships. It is a case of filling in an online form, getting a quote, having them fetch your car to tow it away, and then putting good cash in your hand. What could be better and easier than that?

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